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A Special Note


We are always so busy at Park Hill Collection with our focus on customer service and creating new items for the line we often forget something that is very important to us. Our sales team. When we first started our company we knew we wanted a beautiful, printed catalog, a great sales team and strong support with customer service.  As a founding company principle we have always put family first. Very fitting for a company that finds inspiration from a childhood on the family farm. It is a core belief that is so ingrained that we do not really think about it. It just is. When I received this letter just before Easter it really struck me, not just because of the beautiful sentiment that is shared, but because we have really done what we set out to do. We are so blessed with a sales team that really loves what they do.  I have added the letter below for your reading pleasure and hope it also gives a little more insight into the life of one of our sales reps.

Hey guys!I wanted to send some thoughts....

On Thursday I spent a good portion of the day on a field trip with Will.  I had the pleasure of driving four fourth grade boys.  While I was practically running to keep up with this rambunctious crew of 10 yr olds....something hit me.  I was the caretaker for 3 boys that their momma couldn't come on the field trip because they were stuck behind some desk with an 8-5.  And I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and blessedness.  

Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate working with and for people who truly care and put family first....and not only are ok with....but actually encourage it.My reality gives me a world where I can be a successful business person, at the same time, able to take care of my family and be there for them when I need to be.  And that is absolutely gratifying!

I'm probably a little more emotional and reflective upon this Easter weekend...but just wanted to reach out...and let you much I appreciate my reality....and your hand in that!

Love you all! 

Laurie Martin
Park Hill Collection
Oklahoma, N. Texas, S./Eastern Missouri
Territory Manager