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California Bound


I am headed out to California today to accomplish three goals.
1.    See my mother for mother’s day ( see mom you are number one on my list)
2.    Finalize a top secret project in time for our big introduction at the upcoming summer markets.(I will tell more later)
3.    Work on our new expanded Park Hill display in the My House showroom at the L.A Mart.
I know Atlanta and Dallas get most of your attention, but I hope you will consider heading out west sometime to see this newest addition to our permanent showrooms. The Los Angeles gift market is July 25th to July 31st. We had a great time during the last show. If you walk into the lobby they may even hand you a mimosa with a blood orange garnish.  (That’s so L.A.) It is all swimming pools and movie stars for this Beverly Hillbilly. You never know who might show up. Last time during the show Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills walked in! I may have been raised on a farm, but this Bravo network show is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I was thrilled to meet her and think I may have lost control of all brain activity for about 45 seconds. When I came to she was so gracious and lovely. 
I will be doing a preliminary set up of the showroom first and then return just before the show opens for all the fresh touches. Please consider coming out to see us and soaking up some of that California sun.  I know I have to return to California every so often. It is difficult to have a California mouth in the well mannered south.  I am trying my best, but being nice all the time can be difficult. Maybe that is why those reality housewife shows are so attractive to me!