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Container Farming


Here is a recent photo of the Dallas showroom’s corn crop to keep you updated.  Dallas is our first show, starting June 20th. That is less than two weeks away! I knew it must be getting close, because the corn is really tall and starting to make ears. Not that I sit around and watch the corn grow or anything like that! If you refer to the first blog photo you can see just how much it has grown.  It is a fun project you can try as well and great for display out front of your store. Just place a large planter or a 15 gallon size nursery container in the full sun, fill with potting soil and plant about 12 to 16 seeds equally spaces in the soil about 1” deep. Corn takes about 66 to 78 days to mature. Keep it watered and moist. As the corn grows you will need to add a basic flower and vegetable fertilizer.  I like Miracle-Gro because it is water soluble, non- burning and plants can absorb it through both their roots and foliage. You have to be careful applying other fertilizers in the hot summer to prevent burning up your crop. Corn needs a lot of nitrogen. Nitrogen is what keeps your lawn green. Just think of corn as a giant blade of grass! Also anytime you grow something in a container you achieve better drainage, but you also can leach out important nutrients that are vital to plant development.  That is why fertilizing is so important for success. I can guarantee that if you do not add fertilizer you will end up with wimpy corn about two feet tall. The growing corn will be an attraction for your customers to watch and become a nice addition to your fall display when they will become dried corn stalks. Just add some pumpkins and you’re ready for another season! If you sow your seeds today you can have corn that is, “ knee high by the fourth of July”!