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Did I mention it is 78 degrees?


After our success in Dallas, we had another great show in Atlanta.  I wanted to take a moment from our crazy show schedule to thank all our Park Hill customers for their support. Everyone at Park Hill is very grateful and all of us appreciate the business. We will be working extra hard in the following months to make sure we take good care of your orders.
I have been kept like a houseplant in the cool market buildings for the last week so when I returned home I was hit with a blast of a 108 degree temperature plus humidity.  My plane landed and we immediately headed to the garden. Ripening melons wait for no one.  So what if you are busy.  We picked three big boxes of melons to share at work and with our chickens. The hens love cucumbers and melons.  Todd is always giving them a special treat of some kind, especial after he has been away. He really misses them when we travel.  It is amazing with their pointed beaks how they can eat a half melon and all that is left is a bowl of skin! The last few days have been a frenzy of various activities as well. The gardens all needed tending, the chicken coop needed to be cleaned out and fresh new cedar shavings put down.  I just love a clean chicken house.  Hydrangeas and zinnias had to be cut for my friends 40th birthday party on Saturday night.  Todd was asked to make flowers for a funereal. His floral work is very beautiful.  People who know this ask for his help from time to time. He never turns them down.  Plus laundry had to be done, lots of laundry. Remember too all this activity was done during this current heat wave of triple digits!
Todd then left for California a little early to relax in Julian, California and visit our friend Sherry of E. Barrett & Co.  He reports it is 78 degrees if you were wondering!  Sickening!  We will meet in Los Angeles on Monday to prepare for the upcoming L.A Mart show.  Like downtown Los Angeles, the mart is on the way back and we feel that of all the markets besides Atlanta and Dallas, Los Angeles has the most potential.  We hope to see you there.  I just checked, the current temperature is 72 degrees.   Buy your ticket now or just gas up the car!
In addition to attending the show we intend on touring around. I even packed my swimsuit! When I was planting pumpkins this morning I decided to take off my shirt in a feeble, last minute attempt to get a little color. I don’t want to scare anyone around the pool with my farmer’s tan.  I am flying out early in the morning to Fresno to pick up the corn and sunflowers my nephew and brother in law have been growing the last two months.  It is also my nephew’s 21st birthday.  After a little lunch celebration I will hit the road in my Penske one-way rental and head to Hollywood! Now I know where they got the inspiration for the Beverly Hillbillies!
See in L.A.
Did I mention it is 78 degrees?