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How Do You Like That Tomato?


We just got home from a very successful market in Dallas and will leave to begin the set-up for Atlanta in a couple of days. The first thing we did was run out to our Vilonia garden. We knew we would have some tomatoes ready.  We were also ready for a home cooked meal after all the restaurant food we had eaten during market. As tired as Todd was, he was ready to cook. Anytime he cooks you are guaranteed a wonderful southern supper.  He learned to cook when he spent the summers with his grandpa and grandma. If you wonder why we have a Park Hill candle named “Gladys’ Kitchen” now you know. The Clifton’s were farm to table before that was a trendy idea!
We picked squash, sweet corn,( the raccoons didn’t get all of it as reported earlier)cucumbers, peppers and vine ripened tomatoes.  Todd prepared all that with Pork Chops.  It was some good.  I have attached some photos of our tomato crop along with the name of the variety.  Last year we could not grow a tomato if our lives depended on it. This year is a bumper crop.  We expect to have more tomatoes, cucumber and melons ready to share at the Atlanta showroom along with our other “tasty treats”. If you are not sure you are coming to the Atlanta show, maybe the food will entice you. If not we have a great show special you will not want to miss. How do you like that tomato?