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Keeping it Rural


I am not sure what happened yesterday, but Todd and I both cleaned our offices. I’m not talking about a little tidy-up sort of cleaning, but the taking out boxes of trash kind of deep cleaning.  We collect piles of paperwork in a six month product design period. Around our office I am notorious for flipping any sheet of paper over and using it again. I am always turning in purchase orders on some reused form of paper. Not the most corporate of images, but then again who wants to be corporate anyway. I just hate to waste perfectly good paper.   Not wanting to waste anything can also be a very slippery slope into “Hoarderville”.  I used to faithfully watch the television shows, Hoarder’s and Intervention. It became so addicting I had my own intervention from both Intervention and Hoarder’s! 
The cleaning process yesterday was really just in preparation for our big move later this year. We wanted to move out all our original vintage pieces we have collected.  We are really far along with editing our new samples for next year, so organizing all the papers that are involved in this process is vital. We are working far ahead this year and will actually start photography for the new Park Hill catalog by the end of August.  Even with this early start everyone knows we work until the very last minute. Sometimes inspiration hits on the eleventh hour and some people just work better under pressure. It is always better to have more time.
There will be several advantages you will reap from our move. Ultimately we will be able to better manage incoming and outgoing shipments in a brighter, more temperate and newer facility. In preparation for our big move, watch out for our upcoming September sale and of our insane warehouse sale in October.  In fact we have a T-shirt sale beginning today. Make sure and call your rep or customer service to find out the details.  We actually have five months to complete this move, so I am sure we will have some additional surprise promotions.
It is so nice to have our show season over and have time to actually clean and organize after all the frenzy. This is a great time for everyone to clean, organize and prepare for the upcoming holidays. You need to prepare for success. Organizing before new stock arrives and the season shifts to autumn is really important. Besides it just makes you feel better. If you haven’t ordered your seasonal items we still have a great selection available. It is going to cool off eventually and your customers will be looking for that beautiful fall wreath for their door!
I also wanted to reassure you this move to a new facility does not mean we are getting too fancy or too big for our britches! Remember we are really just conservative farmers in disguise. The first thing we thought about was where we would put Todd’s new chicken coop.  When I talked with Pat from The Farmer’s Wife at the L.A mart show, she told me, “Don’t forget to keep bringing us those great primitive country items” That was good advice I took to heart and to quote Pat, “we are keeping it rural”!

I cleaned up the garden too and discovered these sunflower heads to dry.