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Kicking and Screaming


Since I have officially been hauled off practically kicking and screaming into the world of blogging it was suggested I should think about ways to find more followers.  I scheduled a meeting today to discuss a strategy with a web design company to discuss this.  It did not go very well. It started with a power point sales pitch.  I hated looking at all those “corporate” stock photos and tedious graphs. If you want someone to buy a lavender plant, simply get them to run their finger tips over the foliage and smell the fragrance. SOLD! I am much more of a tactual person. Sitting through a glorified slide show was killing me! The top recommendation was to get a Facebook page. I understand the power of Facebook, but   it is for personal use and for retailers to promote their stores. I also have a little trouble asking people to “like” me. It is like walking down the aisle of the school bus for the first time and looking for a friendly face to sit next to!
The Park Hill Collection is only open to the trade.  A resale number is required. This meeting reminded me of what our role is and what we need to provide to our Customers.  It has been a bit of an awkward dance when you have people telling you how to promote on the internet when you are a wholesale only to the trade company.  It is not our job to advertise to the retail world. That is what our customers are supposed to do.  So we determined our goal is to focus our blog and the content on our loyal customers and provide them with additional information about our products and farm and garden related subjects. The only followers we need are our Park Hill customers. We know we are a little late to the technological party, but we are a little old-fashioned. Obviously we like being a little primitive! I’ll take a pen and paper any day. It never crashes or runs out of battery.  Park Hill offers nostalgic inspired items for today’s home. So I guess it is only fitting we try to figure out where we fit into this new world of constant contact. I miss the days when I would walk to Scott’s market and ask to use the phone on top of the Deli case to call my mom to come pick me up.  The corner market was the only social media there was.
Please contact customer service or any of our terrific road representatives if there if anything we can do better to help you promote your business and the Park Hill products you carry.  Let us know about your Facebook page so we can take a look at what you’re up to!