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Live From Dallas


Live from Dallas!  We are all in Dallas this week for market. When I say we, I also include all the corn, tomato and herbs we have been growing for the showroom. The potted corn is a big hit as well as the tomatoes ripening on the vine! The gals from customer service in Little Rock are due to arrive any minute all gussied up for the big city. Don’t worry they will be back in the office Monday morning ready to help you and share some stories from market.  I have included a few photos from the Dallas showroom for you to view.  When we travel for these shows we always worry a little that something could happen while we are gone. Well, this morning I received a report from Todd’s mom that raccoons ate all our corn in our Vilonia garden!  Oh well, farming isn’t easy. Hope to see you at the show if not hope to catch you in Atlanta or Los Angeles.  Just remember to protect your corn crop if you leave home!