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Rednecks & Hog Wire


I had a great time this weekend working in all the gardens. The Vilonia vegetable garden is really growing fast. Unfortunately the weeds grow even faster. When Todd gets home this week from China we will compost with straw to keep all the weeds under control. I am not doing that by myself! It was pretty hot and I already have a little sunburn on the back of my neck so now I am officially a redneck!

I also did a lot of nursery and garden center hopping this weekend.  I came across this great idea at Four Seasons Plants in Sherwood, Arkansas. They took a large plastic nursery tub and surrounded it with hog wire. Hog wire is similar to the wire used to reinforce concrete sometimes. It is called hog wire, because you use it to fence in you hogs. Doesn’t everybody? Now I am a redneck talking about hog wire! My mama is so proud. In fact the entire vegetable garden was done in containers! I was so impressed at how beautiful the plants looked I wanted to do this myself. I remembered Todd bought a big roll of old wire garden fencing in Texas.  I only remembered this because the rusty old cumbersome roll was a pain to get home! I hope I don’t get in trouble for cutting it up. If the blog entries suddenly stop you’ll know how it went. I have included a shot of the nursery version and a photo of the freshly planted version I finished this morning.  If all goes well you should see them in Dallas or Atlanta In our showroom. If you would like to try this yourself select a sunny location that receives at least 8 hours or more of sun a day and use potting soil to fill the container and water regularly to keep moist.  I thought the plastic containers could easily slip down into our Park Hill reclaimed wood planters and look wonderful.
To our Garden Center customers, I hope you had a very busy weekend. I am headed out west to the Good Earth Garden Center in a little bit for a few more plants for the backyard. If you have not visited your local nursery or garden center make sure and go this week. I am sure you will find some kind of inspiration. Remember  Just a few fresh plants will always make your Park Hill merchandise come to life and sell even better.