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When is The Next Train to Little Rock?


With the release of our new summer product photographs I thought it would fun to let you get a behind the scenes look at what we do to “get the shot”.  When we first started our company we knew there was only one photographer that could capture what we wanted and help us convey our company message. That was Nancy Nolan. Nancy’s work has graced many national publications of shelter and fashion magazines. Her portraits are stunning masterworks and include simple local folks to presidents. We are lucky to have her in Little Rock located so close to the Park Hill Collection.
By now she knows when she arrives for a photo shoot not to be surprised at what or where we may be shooting that day. It has been a mixture of dogs, chickens, windmills in 60 mile an hour winds and in the case of this photograph, speeding trains!  On this day we  were about to head back to her studio when I asked if she would mind shooting one of our new metal suitcases on the train tracks near our warehouse.  After scouting for the perfect angle she perched herself on a rail and started shooting.  I was in charge of styling and watching for trains! Not your typical multi-tasking.  I stopped watching for trains just long enough to get this shot.  If you hang out with a genius long enough a little can rub off on you.  My phone took a pretty nice picture.
The new product introductions are available to see at Dallas, Atlanta or Los Angeles markets or with your Park Hill Representative. You can also call customer service or view them on our website,

Finished photo of ET994 Metal Suitcase